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As part of the Payroll Partners company mission to assist our clients in obtaining their specific goals and objectives, our
founder and lead CPA, William Soria, for this purpose, will be actively speaking on various topics in public forums.
Currently, we are building an in-house workshop
seminar schedule that will specifically focus on topics that range from starting a business to
taxation issues as well. These presentations will be designed to be informative, inspirational as well as
entertaining at the same time. If you would like me to speak on a specific tax or financial topic to your company, group or
association, you can contact us at 210-344-9595 or enter your name and email below.

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William Soria is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and a trusted advisor to his clients.
Founding President and Chairman of Soria, Inc. and
Corporate Payroll Administrators, Inc. – A public
accounting firm and payroll processing
company respectively.

William has over 20 years of progressive CPA firm
experience – hence, developing, managing and leading a
successful tax advisory practice, including international
client compliance disclosures. He received his
Bachelors of Administration from The University
of Texas At San Antonio in 1987.

He has headed his own public accounting firm for the past 17 years, helping business owners in various industries and professions in particular. Furthermore, offering a variety of services, including Business Management Consulting, tax representation, planning and preparation as well as accounting and financial operational services. In addition to being a CPA, William founded Corporate Payroll Administrators, a payroll processing company, that boasts the City Of San Antonio as their premier payroll client. He has also held senior financial and executive management positions in manufacturing and retail industries, both public and private and also served as Vice President of Las Palapas restaurants ( a local restaurant chain) during its initial growth stage.

His current mission is to share his time, expertise and life lessons with both the local community and business community too – furthermore striving to have greater participation in what he considers the grass roots of San Antonio and the country above all as a whole. In addition, as a professional and as a Hispanic, interacting with all types of people, with varying ethnicities, religions, and customs is a priority. In a small way, he would also like to add his own brick in the bridge that connects the various cultures in San Antonio and the country. With this purpose in mind, William is currently building a public speaking circuit and speaking on topics such as tax planning, budgeting, money management as well as personal growth and leadership – Thus delivering his message in an informative, yet entertaining and humorous presentation.

He also serves as Treasurer on the boards of CALO and Avenida Guadalupe Association (Local Community Advocacy non profit organizations)

In his spare time, William enjoys spending time with his family, especially with his wife and two growing sons in particular.

His hobbies include Golf, as well as Motorcycle riding, next is working out, next is gun range shooting, next is public speaking, then acting and finally writing.
He also plays Piano and in addition enjoys dancing too.

Memberships and Awards:

One of the Top 100 Most Influential to the Profession


Connie Saavedra is the Executive Manager at Texas Payroll Administrators. She has 14+ years of experience in Turn-Key Payroll operations and furthermore our clients love her meticulous skill, exceptional organization, and friendly support too. She also has experience in the fields of Accounting, Financial Reporting, Project Management, and
lastly, Business Consulting. But not only that she is also largely responsible for the execution of large company accounts, including the City of San Antonio Payroll account, and has also
experience with many HR services, including benefits administration, COBRA admin, new hire documentation, TWC claims, custom reports, open records
requests, and Lead process of Affordable Care Act reporting requirements.

She in fact earned an Account Certificate Level II and is therefore Authorized by the IRS as a Reporting Agent.

Moreover, Connie looks forward to spending time with her family, as well as being a loving grandmother, and enjoying quality time with her husband at the same time.